The Web Runs on Kindness

In this TED Talk Jonathan Zittrain provides a humorous and informative talk about how the Internet works. Zittrain’s premise is the Internet relies on random acts of kindness by “geeky strangers.” In the talk, Zittrain compares the passing of data packets through the Internet to the passing of a beer from one person to the […]

Cool Food Kidz Teaches Kids About Diet & Fitness

Cool Food Kidz is a kid-friendly website about nutrition, exercise, and general health. Cool Food Kidz provides easy-to-read lists of things they can do to take care of their health. For example, there is a list of “building healthy habits” tips which walks kids through ten basic things they can do to keep themselves healthy. […]

Week In Review – The Most Popular Items

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another Free Technology for Teachers week in review. As I do each Friday, I’ve compiled a list of seven most popular items of the last week. If you’ve been busy and not able to keep up with your RSS reader or email, the week in review provides […]

LitCharts – 10 Page Outlines of Classic Literature

LitCharts is a service that provides condensed outlines and summaries of classic literature. The outlines and summaries are far shorter than those you would find in Sparknotes or Cliffnotes. Most of the outlines and summaries are ten pages, give or take a page or two. What I like about LitCharts is that they color code […]

For Music Teachers – The Euphonium Gets a New Voice

Perhaps because I played both the Euphonium and the Tuba in high school (at one point I thought of majoring in music) I have listened with enjoyment to this young man’s interesting Euphonium performance three times today. If you’re a music teacher, this two minute performance might be something you’d like to share with your […]

Annenberg Offers Video-based Lesson Plans

Videos can be a good teaching resource, but they need to be used as part of lesson rather than being the lesson. Annenberg Media provides lesson plans that model using video as a part of the lesson rather than using video as the lesson. Lesson plans are categorized by content and grade level. Most of […]

American Experience – The Crash of 1929

Today marks the 80th anniversary of Black Tuesday. CNN Student News had a short segment about it today. Watching the CNN segment reminded me that the PBS series American Experience has an hour long video about the stock market crash of 1929. PBS does not provide embed codes for their videos, but you can watch […]

20 Interesting Ways to Use Audio In Your Classroom

Last Friday I wrote a post about Tom Barrett’s latest installments to his Interesting Ways series. At the time, one of the installments, Interesting Ways to Use Audio in Your Classroom, didn’t have any ideas or resources in it and Tom was looking for contributors. As a testament to the power of crowdsourcing, Zero Interesting […]

Significance of the 2010 Census

Say It Visually has created a new video that explains the significance and possible implications of the 2010 US Census. Applications for EducationThis video does a nice job of introducing some of the ways in which the data collected in the US Census is used. I might use the video in my Civics class when […]

Two Twitter and Email Scams to Be Aware Of

In the last 18 hours there have been two similar scams launched on Twitter and via email that you should be aware. The Twitter scam involves direct messages. If you receive a direct message that reads something like “is this you” or “this is you” followed by a link which leads you to a Twitter […]