My Most Popular Ed Tech Posts of the Month

Good morning from rainy Maine where the cold, rain, and colorful leaves remove all doubt about which season we’re in. It’s the last day of the month and as I do every month I’ve compiled a list of the most popular posts of the month. Before jumping to the list I want to share some […]

iBrainstorm – Shared Brainstorming on iPads

I was recently going through my archives looking for some brainstorming and mind mapping apps when I “rediscovered” iBrainstorm. iBrainstorm is a free brainstorming application for the iPad and the iPhone. The app allows you to record brainstorming sessions using a combination of free hand drawings and sticky notes. You can share and collaborate with other users […]

Jump Share – Simple Drag and Drop File Sharing

Jumpshare is a free service that anyone can use to quickly send files to another person. To use Jumpshare just visit the site and drag a file from your desktop onto the Jumpshare site. After you drag in your file Jumpshare will create a link to your file that you can send to anyone via […]

Blog Under Maintenance

If you’re visiting Free Technology for Teachers between 2:00am and 6am Eastern Time the blog might look a little out of sorts. I’m working on a redesign of the template. Hopefully, I don’t break anything permanently. I think you’ll like the new look when it’s done.

Silk Slides – An Easy Way to Share & Discuss Slides

Silk Slides is a new service for easily sharing and discussing slideshows. It is very easy to use the service. To get started just upload your slides (Keynote files didn’t work for me) then enter your email address. When your upload is complete you can share your slides by sending the URL assigned to your […]

Weekend Project – Apply for the Google Teacher Academy

The deadline to apply for the next Google Teacher Academy is on October 4 next week. I’m sure that there are people who will be working on their applications this weekend. The hardest part of the application for most people is the video submission. To give you some ideas for your video I’ve embedded a […]

Week in Review – 50,000 Subscribers!

Good morning from the Free Technology for Teachers world headquarters on Alcohol Mary Road in Greenwood, Maine. My road is a small dirt road in a town of 600 people. I share the details of where I live because it is amazing to me that one person writing from a small house in the woods […]

ScootPad – Students Practice Skills from Any Device and Teachers Get Instant Feedback Too

ScootPad is a free service offering mathematics and reading practice activities to elementary school students and their teachers. ScootPad activities can be played on just about any device including iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks. ScootPad offers a lot of features, but at it’s core is practice activities aligned to Common Core standards. Teachers can create […]

State of Flux – Images of Our Changing Planet

NASA’s State of Flux image collection features before and after pictures  of more than 200 locations worldwide. The satellite images show the effects of climate change, natural disasters, and land use on places all over the globe. For some examples from the State of Flux collection take a look at the impacts of dam building in Brazil, […]

Is Mozilla Persona the Universal Sign-in Schools Have Been Waiting For?

Many services that we all like have the option to sign-in with Facebook and Twitter profiles. While these options are convenient (people rarely forget their Facebook passwords) they have a couple of drawbacks. First, if your school blocks social media sites you’re out of luck. Second, Facebook’s and to some extent Twitter’s privacy settings seem […]