Tildee – Create, Share, and Find Tech Tutorials

Tildee is a good site for creating, sharing, and locating tutorials for all kinds of technology-related things. Tildee provides a template and platform for sharing tutorials with others. Each tutorial you create is assigned a specific url that you can share with anyone. Your tutorials can include any combination of text, screen captures, and videos. Each tutorial that you create on Tildee is assigned a unique URL that you can share wherever you like.

Even if you don’t use Tildee to create a tutorial yourself you can still use the site. You can browse or search the gallery of public tutorials to find one suits your needs.

Applications for Education
At the beginning of the school year one of my colleagues gives students the assignment to create short presentations about the software on their netbooks. That assignment is intended, in part, to help the students familiarize themselves with their new netbooks. That assignment could be taken one step further with Tildeee by having students create and share tutorials about the software they use.


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