23 Other Things I Wrote in April

In addition to publishing here on Free Technology for Teachers, I also publish on two other sites that I maintain. Take a look at the list below to see the other things I wrote in April. From EdTechFitness.com: Put On Your (Safety) Glasses and Take a Look at These N/A Brews Go Outside, It’s Good […]

66 Canva Tutorials for Teachers

Other than Google Workspace tools, Canva is the tool that I’ve published the most tutorials about on my YouTube channel. In fact, with the publication of my latest Canva tutorial video I’ve now published 66 tutorials about using Canva’s many features for making videos, presentations, timelines, posters, greeting cards, worksheets, and many other graphics. All of those videos are available in […]

Rain, Maps, and Slideshows – The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where the clouds have returned after yesterday’s reprieve from what feels like a month of rain. It’s a great morning for making pour-over coffee and sipping it at a leisurely pace. But since I have young kids, I won’t be sipping it at a leisurely pace. Instead, I’ll drink it while […]

47 Google Forms Tutorials

In a video that I published earlier this year I mentioned that the vast majority of my videos don’t get more than a few hundred views. But there are some outliers. The biggest outlier is my simple video about the basics of creating a quiz in Google Forms which has received nearly half a million views. That’s […]

Search Tools Your Students (And You?) Are Probably Overlooking

AI search tools like ChatGPT infused into Bing and Google’s Bard are getting a lot of attention right now. But when it’s time to search most students still default to Google.com. Unfortunately, by relying on just Google.com and trendy AI search tools students are missing out on a lot of excellent excellent and helpful material. […]

Three Self-paced Courses You Can Start This Weekend

Spring in Maine means a lot of cold and wet weather. We have a bit of a reprieve today, but tomorrow we’re back to cool and rainy weather for another five days (if the forecast is correct). This pattern puts a damper on many outdoor spring activities. I’m using this time to work through an […]

More “Color Our Collections” Collections

Back in December I shared the Smithsonian Learning Lab’s Color Our Collections collection. That’s a collection of coloring pages based on portraits in the National Portrait Gallery. You can download those coloring pages for free.  This morning through an Open Culture post I learned there are nearly 100 more museums and libraries that have similar […]

Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions Again

Yesterday, Rushton Hurley and I recorded the latest installment of our Two EdTech Guys Take Questions series. In the episode we answered questions about introductions to computer science, timing quizzes in Google Forms, and more. We also shared a few cool resources you might want to share with your students. You can watch the latest […]

GE Teach – Make Side-by-Side Map Comparisons in One Browser Tab

GE Teach is a great map tool that is developed and maintained by a high school teacher in Texas named Josh Williams.  GE Teach has gone through a bunch of iterations over the years and the latest version is better than ever. On GE Teach students can compare two maps side-by-side. Students can select from gallery […]

A Round-up of 15 AI Resources Created Without Using AI

For the last four months anything that I’ve published about AI (artificial intelligence) has vaulted to the top of the list of the most popular posts of the week, month, and year. I’m beginning to think that if I just wrote AI AI AI AI AI for 500 lines that it would be the most […]