The Week and Month in Review

Morrison is tired after eating turkey. Good morning from the Free Technology for Teachers World Headquarters in Woodstock, Maine. I hope that everyone had a great week. Morrison, Max, and I took a road trip to Connecticut to visit family for Thanksgiving. We all got stuffed on turkey then took a nap. Now we’re back […]

Wikihood World Browser – Part Map, Part Wikipedia

Wikihood World Browser is a neat combination of Google Maps and Wikipedia. The goal of Wikihood World Browser is to provide visual, geo-located context for Wikipedia entries. You can explore Wikihood World Browser in two ways; you can simply browse the map by scrolling and zooming in on locations then clicking on placemarks or you […]

SummarizeThis Quickly Summarizes Long Passages of Text

SummarizeThis is a free tool that summarizes the main point(s) of long articles that you find on the web. To use SummarizeThis you just copy and paste text into the summary box and click “summarize.” A summary of the text then appears above the original text that you copied. Applications for Education SummarizeThis could be […]

A Quick Tip for Shooting Better Video With Mobile Phones and Tablets

This morning on Google+ Tony Cacaccio shared a picture that offers a great tip for shooting better videos with your mobile phone or tablet. (I don’t know who actually owns the picture so you’ll have to see it here on Tony’s page). The picture reminds us to hold our phones and tablets in landscape mode […]

A Simple Trick to Save You and Your Students Lots of Classroom Time

I’ve shared this advice in the past, but I recently shared it again during a workshop where it was a big hit. That experience reminded me that some advice is worth re-posting from time to time.  The one thing that every teacher wishes he or she had more of is time. While we can’t create […]

iChrome – An iGoogle-like Option for Chrome Users

Many iGoogle alternatives have popped-up on the web over the last eighteen months or so. I was never a big iGoogle user so I didn’t miss it when it went away. That said, iChrome is an iGoogle alternative that I can see myself using on a daily basis. iChrome uses and iGoogle-like interface to display […]

Two Survey / Polling Tools That Don’t Require Registration

This evening I received an email from a teacher that was looking for a survey / poll creation tool that her students can use without having to create an account. Here are two options that fit that bill. Yarp allows you to create a simple one question survey or a simple event invitation. To create […]

eduCanon – Create, Assign, and Track Flipped Lesson Progress

eduCanon is a free service for creating, assigning, and tracking your students’ progress on flipped lessons. eduCanon allows teachers to build flipped lessons using YouTube and Vimeo videos, create questions about the videos, then assign lessons to their students. Teachers can track the progress of their students within eduCanon. To create lessons start by identifying […]

Energy Defined, the Making of Clouds, and More from NOVA Labs

The science course that enjoyed the most as an undergraduate was Meteorology so this evening when I discovered the NOVA Labs YouTube channel I found myself sucked into the videos. NOVA Labs is a playlist within NOVA’s YouTube channel. In the NOVA Labs playlist you will find two dozen videos about weather, climate, and energy. […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning from my hometown of Manchester, Connecticut. This morning I’m going to watch the Manchester Road Race with the same childhood friends that I’ve been watching the race with for 25+ years. That’s my favorite Thanksgiving tradition. I hope that all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving today have a wonderful time with your […]