How to Annotate Images on Google Jamboard

Even though it’s not as popular as it was a couple of years ago, Google Jamboard is still a great tool for conducting a variety of online activities including collaborative brainstorming sessions, creating word mover activities, and annotating images. It’s the annotating images use case that I demonstrate in this new video.  Annotating images in […]

How to Get in the Flow

In a world in which there is no shortage of digital distractions it can be hard to get into the flow of working a project, studying, or simply sitting and thinking for a while. That’s why I like what Engageable is trying to do, why I appreciate the work of Cal Newport, and why I […]

A New Google Classroom Control Over Assignment Submissions

When you return to school this fall Google Classroom will have some new features for you to try. One of those new features that was recently announced is more control over assignment submissions. And unlike some of the features announced earlier this summer, this update is one that will be available to all teachers regardless […]

Math, Calories, and Copyright – The Week in Review

Good morning from Maine where the sun is rising over what should be a nice summer day to play outside. We’re going to ride bikes and play outside at a friend’s birthday party. I hope that you do something equally fun this weekend.  This week I wrapped-up the new version of my search strategies course. […]

Introduction to Classwork in Microsoft Teams

Teachers who use Microsoft Teams will have a convenient new feature to use this fall. That feature is called Classwork and it will enable you to create modules of resources drawn from assignments and OneNote notebook pages as well as web links, files, and Microsoft Forms quizzes.  Last month at the ISTE conference I saw […]

Journey to Mars – A Collection of Resources for Teaching and Learning About Mars

Earlier this year SciShow Kids published a series of four videos all about Mars. To wrap-up that series SciShow Kids recently published a compilation of all of those videos in one video titled Journey to Mars. I’ve embedded that video below.  The compilation video above doesn’t include an earlier SciShow Kids video about Mars. That […]

Something Fun I Learned About Myself Through Google Alerts

Like any good digital citizen I have Google Alerts set up for my name and related spellings of my name. Over the years I’ve learned through Google Alerts that there are karate experts, children’s authors, voice coaches, and theater critics who are also named Richard Byrne. A few years ago through Google Alerts, I made […]

An Old Car Math Problem

A couple of weeks ago I worked at a car show near my home. One of the many vehicles on display was a 1903 Oldsmobile. A copy of the original advertisement for that vehicle was also on display. The image that you see above is cropped from a picture that I took of the advertisement […]

Try the Pairs Math Game in Your Library or Classroom

The Pairs Math Game is a free game developed by Phil Shapiro. Phil is a teacher and librarian who developed the game to be played in many settings including libraries and classrooms. The Pairs Math Game is a game that you print for students to play. To help you do that, Phil provides PDF versions […]

TeachMeet Online – A Free Conference Coming Soon

I went to my first TeachMeet event in London about ten years ago. It was a ton of fun and I learned a lot from the experience. My Google Photos album from that trip is full of fun memories including seeing Russel Tarr’s ClassTools spinner wheel being used to keep order over the proceedings. Over […]