Month in Review – The Most Popular Posts

It’s the end of the month and I hope that it was good one for everyone. This month I logged more than 20,000 airmiles as I was lucky enough to present at a number of schools and conferences. Thank you to all of my hosts. And thank you to all of you who continue to […]

Get 25GB of Box Storage with Fetchnotes

This service is no longer available. I’ve written about the collaborative task management tool Fetchnotes a couple of times this year (click here for my latest review). This week Fetchnotes announced a great promotion with Box. Now if you register for a Fetchnotes account and a new Box account, you will receive 25GB of free […]

We Wants Apps – A Great Place to Find Educational iPad Apps

This service is no longer available. We Want Apps is a free iPad and iPhone app for discovering new apps for kids. I discovered We Want Apps on David Kapuler’s blog and immediately gave it a try on my iPad. With We Want Apps installed on your iPad you can search for apps according to […]

A+ Click – Mathematics Games for All Grades

A+ Click is a free site full of online mathematics games for students at all grade levels. You can find games on A+ Click by selecting a grade level then selecting a topic. Alternatively, you select just a topic or just a grade level and browse through all of the games. Students do not need […]

A Magical Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism

A Magical Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism is an infographic guide created by Kate Hart. The guide was published back in June, but I just learned about it yesterday through one of Jenny Luca’s Tweets. A Magical Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism uses a Harry Potter theme to succinctly explain to students when and why they need to properly […]

Learnist Launches iPad and iPhone Apps

This service is no longer available. Back in May I wrote about Learnist being “Pinterest for Learning.” I still think that’s a fair assessment of what Learnist offers to educators. It’s a way to visually bookmark and share lesson plans and other educational resources. Today, Learnist released an iPad app and an iPhone app. The […]

Infographic – Too Much Sugar Consumption

Sometimes I see something online that instantly makes me think of a particular teacher. This morning I saw Nursing Your Sweet Tooth on Cool Infographics and instantly thought of my friend Jeni Cash who teaches ninth grade health and with whom I shared a classroom for three years. Nursing Your Sweet Tooth is all about […]

Visual Anatomy – An App for Anatomy Students

Visual Anatomy is an iPad app designed to help students learn the names of muscles, bones, organs, and systems in the human body. To use the app students select a system then click on the pinmarks in each image to learn about those parts of the body. The free version of the app has 300 […]

Ten Bloggers I Read First

Yesterday, I was asked for a list of the blogs that I recommend reading other than my own. I published a similar list two years ago, but some of those blogs have become less active in the last year. Here is my updated list of the ten blogs that I go to first when my […]

An iPad, a ThinkPad, and a Nexus 7 Walk Into…

In the picture to the left you can see all of the computers and tablets that I am currently using on a somewhat regular basis (click image for full size). Lately, I’ve been including this picture in some of my keynote presentations as a way to illustrate the point that it’s not so much the […]