Download TED Talks

TED hosts hundreds of thought-provoking and entertaining videos. Just last week I played this one in one of my classes as part of conversation about patience. TED Talks have been available through a Silverlight desktop client for over a year. Now TED Talks are available to Windows users through a Bit Torrent client. Read this […]

Google Instant Updates – Navigate Without a Mouse

Yesterday, Google announced some useful enhancements to Google Instant search. First, you can now navigate through Google Instant’s search predictions and search results without using a mouse or trackpad. Just use your keyboard’s arrow keys and enter key to scan results and select a link. The second part of the announcement from Google informed us […]

Worried About Students Being Off-task? Watch This

I’ve seen Alfie Kohn vs. Dwight Schrute floating around the edu-blog-o-sphere for the last few weeks, but I finally took a few minutes to watch it today after Tara Weegar posted it on Facebook. Almost every time I talk at schools or conferences about 1:1 computing environments, I’m asked questions along the lines of “how […]

Five Free Resources for Developing Typing Skills

A lot of readers might be surprised to learn that I have very poor typing technique. In fact, this post is being written primarily without the use of my thumbs or pinkies or ring fingers touching the keyboard. Over time I’ve developed a technique that works for me, but I do wish that I had […]

World Mapper – Mapped Displays of World Data

World Mapper hosts nearly 700 informative maps and posters. The maps are based on economic, scientific, and demographic data sets. The maps are drawn according to the data so the countries appearing on the map don’t always match the geographic size of a country. For example, the World Youth Literacy map depicts each country’s size […]

A Fun Offline Activity – Making Your Own Paper

Yesterday, as part of his textbook challenge Scott McLeod posted a list of resources that were very comparable to the content and activities he found in his daughter’s Environmental Science textbook. (BTW, read Scott’s post not just for the links, but for his commentary too). One of the links in Scott’s list was to a […]

Considering Google Apps for Education? Read This

Whenever I talk about Google Apps for Education or Google Apps in general at a school or conference there is almost always someone who tells me they’ve heard, “Google will own your information.” And often there are people who have concerns and questions about privacy as well. These are good questions to ask before you […]

Word Stash – Dictionary and Vocabulary Study Tool

Word Stash is a free service that describes itself as “half vocabulary builder, half dictionary, and full awesome.” Word Stash is pretty true to its self-description. At its most basic Word Stash is a dictionary that provides contextual examples to support the definitions offered. For many words, Word Stash provides an audio pronunciation. The vocabulary […]

10 US History Google Earth Tours

America, A Narrative History is a text published by WW Norton. As a free supplement to the book, Norton has published ten Google Earth tours. These tours include major themes and events in US History. The list includes the Revolutionary War, the path to the Civil War, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, […]

3 Registration-free Tools for Collaborative Writing

Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and other online word processing services are great tools for collaboratively writing with others. But to use those programs everyone you want to collaborate with needs to have an account and you need to have their email addresses or account names. To eliminate those steps and get collaborating faster, try one […]