US Election Process Explained By Common Craft

The nice folks at Common Craft have produced another great video to explain a sometimes confusing concept in very plain English. In this video Common Craft explains in plain English how the United States elects a president. This short video will be used in my classroom this fall as I introduce my US History and […]

An Anthroplogical Introduction to Youtube

Professor Michael Wesch has made available online his presentation to the Library of Congress about Youtube. Professor Wesch offers some fantastic insights into what makes video and digital technology viral and the implications for students in the future. It’s a long video presentation, but well worth watching.

The Comic Book Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Comic Books is a neat website that I found via Mark Spahr’s blog, Cooked on Education. The Periodic Table of Comic Books is a project of the chemistry department at the University of Kentucky. The idea is that for every element in the Periodic Table of Elements there is a comic […]

Fun and Easy Science Experiments

Normally, I don’t like to link to websites that are selling products, but in this case there is enough free stuff on the site to justify sharing it with you. Steve Spangler’s Science website features videos and podcasts of simple “kitchen chemistry” experiments in action. The website also presents a variety of ideas for science […]

Two Milestones – Thank You For Reading

Last Friday while I was having lunch with Harold Shaw (we had a great conversation about blogging, web 2.0, and all things tech geek) this blog reached two milestones. First, this blog has now had more than 25,000 unique visits. Second, there are now more than 300 subscribers to the RSS feed for Free Technology […]

Podcasts For The Road – Old and New

I’m headed out on a road trip to Ohio this week. My brother-in-law is taking a new position teaching organic chemistry at Cedarville University. Since it’s summer and I love road trips, I volunteered to help with the move. Before I go I’m loading up my iPod with new podcasts and albums for the road. […]

Cartoon Explanation of the Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis

I love videos that explain complex concepts in simple terms. This cartoon video about the sub-prime mortgage crisis just aired on Current TV. Applications for EducationCartoons and other animated illustrations are fun and simple ways to introduce students to complex concepts. CBS features a series called Fast Draw that tackles different ideas with simple whiteboard […]

Science – Interactive Body

The BBC’s website is full of great educational materials, the Interactive Body is just one example of that. The Interactive Body has students place bones, muscles, and organs in their proper place using a simple drag and drop interface. Along with the “jigsaw” style activity of the Interactive Body the BBC offers fact files about […]

Opposing Views – Experts Debate Public Policy and More

Opposing Views is a new website created for purpose of having experts debate public policy and other issues of popular concern. Opposing Views has categorized debate channels which are subdivided by specific questions. For example in the religion channel one of the current questions is “Does Islam Promote Violence?” Verified experts from two organizations, American […]

QlipBoard – Add Voiceovers to Slide Shows

QlipBoard is a new tool for creating slide shows with voice narration. QlipBoard is similar to PhotoShow that enable users to import images from online photo sharing services or local computer and then add narration to the show. Projects created with QlipBoard can be shared by email, direct url link, or by embedding them into […]