Bay Files – A Quick Way to Move Large Files

In my never-ending quest to reduce email inbox clutter, I like to try out various file transfer services. One that I recently tried with a colleague is Bay Files. Bay Files, like many similar services, allows you to upload a file for quick and easy sharing. When you upload a file to Bay Files, Bay […]

My Apologies

Yesterday, I wrote a short post about a video on John Locke that I had watched the previous night. In my haste to write and publish the post before going to a school commitment last night, I did not include the disclaimer that some in appropriate language used in the video. I’ve since taken the post down. […]

11 Infographics and Videos for Teaching Economics

One of the current trends in the blog-o-sphere is the use of infographics for sharing general information about a topic (infographics also seem to be an SEO tactic). Over the last couple of years I’ve come across more than twenty infographics dealing with topics in economics. Today, I’ve assembled a list of some of the […]

Museum of Obsolete Objects – Videos of Changes in Technology

Do remember making mix tapes in high school? If you still have one kicking around, good luck finding a cassette player to listen to it on. I think there might be one at my mother’s house. Hurry over before she throws it out. The Museum of Obsolete Objects is a neat YouTube channel featuring videos […]

More Free and Open Stanford Courses

Eleven days ago I mentioned a free and open Computer Science 101 course being offered through Stanford University. Today, through Open Culture, I learned that Stanford is offering thirteen other free and open online courses during the spring semester. One of the courses that might be appropriate for high school juniors and seniors interested in […]

Four Years Ago Today…

Four years ago today I wrote my first blog post on Free Technology for Teachers. This is what I wrote on November 28, 2007. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing and I certainly didn’t expect to accidentally start a small business with my keyboard. Along the way I’ve written more than 5,200 blog […]

New Blogger Tutorial Videos

Earlier this evening I was Tweeting with a student who needed some help creating a new blog. In an effort to help her out I directed her to the Blogger Help channel on YouTube. When I went there, much to my surprise and delight I discovered that the Blogger team had just uploaded four new […]

A Nice Google Search Tips Poster

One of last week’s most popular posts on Free Technology for Teachers was Ten Search Tools and Tactics Teachers and Students Need to Know. This morning on David Andrade’s blog I found a nice poster to go along with my post on search tools and tactics. Get More Out of Google is a poster displaying […]

Documentary Tube – A Good Place to Find Documentaries

Last month I published a short list of good places to find and watch documentaries online. Today, I learned about another good place to find and watch full-length documentaries online. Documentary Tube, like similar services, is a catalog of full-length documentaries found on the web. Documentary Tube doesn’t actually host the videos rather it catalogs […]

Stop and Watch This – Hard Times Generation

The leading segment on last night’s edition of 60 Minutes was Hard Times Generation. The story features the children of homeless families, the choices they make, and what daily life is like when you live in a car or truck. I watched the story with three other people last night. The house was silent as […]