11 Free Mind Mapping Tools Compared In One Chart

Last weekend I published a chart comparing 9 popular student response systems. That chart seems to be popular so I decided to create a similar one about tools for creating mind maps. That chart is embedded below as a PDF. A Google Docs copy can be found here.

The Week in Review – A Lifetime of Teaching

Good evening from the Philadelphia airport where I am waiting for a flight home. Earlier today we had the funeral for my grandfather, Richard C. Byrne, Sr. He was a middle school math teacher and administrator for more than 40 years. My grandmother (who passed away in 2001) was an English teacher for nearly as […]

7 Good Resources for Avoiding, Preventing, and Detecting Plagiarism

Thanks to an email from a kind reader I discovered that a couple of the resources about plagiarism that I reviewed in the past are no longer as good as they once were. Therefore, I have created this updated collection of resources for teaching students to how to avoid plagiarism along as well as resources […]

How the Human Heart Works – A Video, an Animation, and an App

Earlier this week I featured a TED-Ed video and a free iPad app about how human lungs work. As a follow-up to that post I have two videos and a free iPad app about how the human heart functions. Ur Blood, Brother explains the basic functions of the human heart. The video can be found on […]

Fun Things for Teachers and Students To Do In the Snow

This week the first real snowstorm of the year hit us in Maine. Winter is a tough time to get outside and exercise. But if you have some fun activities planned, it is a little bit easier to go outside. Here are some fun and somewhat educational activities to do in the snow. NOVA, as […]

Two Places to Help Students Find Fiction and Non-fiction Works by Location

Since the first time that I looked at a map as a child and asked my parents about various places on it, I have been intrigued by learning about far-off places. Over the years, I have had students that were similarly intrigued by places they see on the map. I’m sure that you have students […]

Happy Thanksgiving – Happy Listening

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving today, I hope you have a great day with friends and family. One of the Thanksgiving traditions that I have is listening to Alice’s Restaurant. Here it is in illustrated form.

A Good Interactive Infographic About Mount Everest

Are You Ready to Tackle Everest? is a nice infographic produced by Winfields Outdoors, an outfitter in the UK. The infographic is arranged as a flowchart of the process one goes through in order to climb Mount Everest. The chart starts with the basics of getting outdoors and progresses through training, buying equipment, and returning […]

Thanksgiving Airline Travel Tips

I have been fortunate to be able to travel to dozens of schools and conferences every year for the last few years. In the process I’ve picked up a lot of tips that can make airline travel bearable. My friends know this and one, who is a teacher and is traveling with her children tomorrow, […]

How to Monitor the Devices Accessing Your Google Account

Google Accounts are great because they allow us to connect to much of our work from almost any mobile device. Of course, the more devices that you connect to your Google Account, the more opportunities there are for your account to be compromised. To help you monitor the devices that are being used to access […]