BBC Witness Podcasts – History Told By Those Who Experienced It

Earlier today I asked my Twitter network to share some of their favorite history podcasts. One of the podcasts that was mentioned over and over was the BBC’s Witness podcasts. The BBC’s Witness podcast series offers short, under 10 minutes, audio recordings of newscasts and interviews with people who experienced historical events first-hand. There are currently 168 episodes in the series and more are to be added every day.

Applications for Education
The BBC Witness podcast series could be a nice addition to the resources you share with your history students. The combination of first-hand accounts and news clips provide students with a different perspective than they will find in a textbook. The BBC Witness homepage offers links to additional resources related to each podcast episode.

Thank you to everyone on Twitter who recommended this nice resource. I’ve already enjoyed listening to a couple of the podcasts.


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