Speech to Text in Evernote

Over the last six months Evernote has become my favorite tool for bookmarking my online discoveries, saving pictures that I take on my phone, and jotting down random notes. This week Evernote rolled-out a super-useful speech to text feature in their Android app. Now you can dictate notes on your phone or your Android tablet. […]

Week in Review – The Swiss Chocolate Edition

Good morning from Maine where Morrison is happy to have me home after a week spent traveling to Lugano, Switzerland and back. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with teachers at The American School in Switzerland. Thank you all for helping to make that happen by reading and sharing posts you find on Free […]

Kikutext – Keep Parents Updated About Your School Through Text Messages

Kikutext is a new service for keeping parents informed about your classroom and or school through text messages. The service is an opt-in service for parents. When you create a Kikutext account you’re assigned an opt-in code to distribute to parents. Parents then send that code in a text message to register to receive messages […]

Win a $3000 Scholarship from Shmoop and Zinch

Shmoop and Zinch have combined to offer a $3000 scholarship to US students. To enter the contest students simply need to complete this form by May 31st. Zinch is a service that helps match students to scholarship opportunities. I don’t have much experience with it, but it looks promising. Shmoop provides many fantastic online study […]

Seven Resources for Teaching & Learning About Electricity

Last night I came home and discovered that my furnace had died. My house was about 45F so I got out my down-filled sleeping bag and my electric space heater. I can’t plug in that space heater without thinking about two things; the increase in my electric bill and the possibility of starting an electrical […]

Make Interactive Images on ThingLink Education

Last month I published a short tutorial on creating interactive images by using ThingLink. That is one of the most popular posts of the first quarter of the year. And everywhere that I have shown it to teachers, it has been very well received. Yesterday, I received an email from ThingLink’s CMO informing me of […]

Unseen Titanic – An Interactive Image Gallery

Next month will mark 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. That’s why National Geographic is featuring the Titanic this month. One of the neat resources that they’ve put online is Unseen Titanic. Unseen Titanic has two galleries of interactive images of where the Titanic now rests under the Atlantic Ocean. The Crash Scene interactive […]

North America’s Biggest Things

Pinto MacBean Last week in Alberta I learned that Canadian towns have a fascination with having the World’s biggest things (Canadian friends, please correct me if that’s an Alberta-only fascination). In Bow Island, Alberta they have the World’s biggest Pinto bean. In Medicine Hat, Alberta they have the World’s biggest tee-pee. In my last workshop […]

Video – Why Frustration Aids Creativity

Want to get stronger? Do 100 push-ups everyday. Want to learn Italian? Throw yourself into an immersive experience and try not to default to your native tongue. Want to be creative? Experience frustration in an attempt to solve a problem. That is the message of IMAGINE: How Creativity Works. Take a few minutes to watch […]

Youngzine Presents Wide World Science Lizards

Last fall I wrote a short review of an online news magazine for kids called Youngzine. Youngzine has a new feature running right now that is intended to get kids interested in a field study of lizards in Florida. The Wide World Science Lizard Project is a two week feature that classrooms can follow as […]