Five Interactive Geography Activities

Interactive maps are good tools for students to use independently to learn and study geography. The following five websites are good places to find a wide variety of interactive geography activities. National Geographic Kids has a wide variety of games, puzzles, and activities for students of elementary school age. National Geographic Kids has nine games […]

September’s Most Popular Content

Tomorrow is the first of October (or perhaps it already is in your part of the world) so I thought I would share the five most popular items from the month of September. 1. Can’t Use YouTube? Try This2. A Podcast About Podcasting3. Slide Rocket is Now Available for Everyone4. Pete’s Power Point Station – […]

Learning About CO2 Emissions

Thanks to Skip Z for sharing the following great resource on Twitter. Planet Green Game is a project of Global Green USA and Starbucks. Planet Green Game has users select from six avatars and six modes of transportation. As players travel through the game in their chosen mode of transportation they will learn about the […]

Math Games, Word Games, Strategy Games and More

The Problem Site is loaded with great games for students. Some of the games are traditional “hang-man” style games, some of the games are traditional games with a twist, and some of the games are completely new. Each game is designed to help students develop problem solving skills. The games are categorized as word games, […]

Win $10,000 Toward College Tuition

Mental Floss, Borders, and Merriam-Webster are sponsoring an essay contest for students planning to pursue a two year or four year undergraduate program in 2009. The contest will award $10,000 to the authors of five winning essays. In 750 words or less, students should convince the judges that they are the most deserving candidate for […]

Soshiku – A Student Planner with Text Reminders

Soshiku is a free personal planner designed for high school and college students. Soshiku lets students organize their assignments by course, add assignments, and receive text message and or email reminders before each assignment is due. Students can add assignments to their calendars directly on the Soshiku website or via text message. Registering and getting […]

A Close Look at the Large Hadron Collider

Last night 60 Minutes ran a story about the CERN Large Hadron Collider. The videos from that 60 Minutes segment are available on CNET TV. Embedded below is one of the videos from last night’s show. You can view all of the videos on CNET TV. Applications for EducationThe 60 Minutes segment about the CERN […]

Teacher Parent Communication – Blogs and Phones

Last month I created a short slide show titled “Every Teacher Should Have a Blog.” The slide show is about the benefits of having a classroom blog. The slide show was constructed for fun and barely scratches the surface of the many uses of blogging. In the last month I’ve received a number of comments […]

500,000 Free E-Texts

The Internet Archive is home to more than one million digital resources. More than half of the digital resources on the Internet Archive are e-texts. There are seven sub-categories of e-texts. I spent some time exploring the “American Libraries” sub-category and found quite a few texts that I can use with my United States History […]

National Atlas Map Maker

National Atlas Map Maker is a good tool for creating a wide variety of maps. The map maker can be used to generate thematic representations of large collections of data. Users select data from different categories and the map maker generates a map representing the chosen data. National Atlas Map Maker is similar in concept […]