Zondle – Games to Support Learning

Zondle is a provider of free games designed to help students practice recalling information. Zondle offers hundreds of combinations of topics and games. When you sign into Zondle select a subject area and topic. After selecting a topic Zondle will generate a list of games based on that topic that you can play. Registered users of Zondle can embed the games into their own websites and blogs. Learn more about Zondle here and in the video below.

Try a sample Zondle game below.

Applications for Education
The Zondle site talks a lot about a feature for teachers to create student accounts and monitor the progress of their students. I searched and searched but couldn’t figure out how to enable that option (it could very well be something obvious I’m overlooking). That said, if you’re looking for some good review games for elementary school and middle school students to play, Zondle could be a good resource for you. If you have a classroom website go ahead and put a few Zondle games on it for your students to play.


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