Free eBook for Learning the Basics of xHTML

Make Use Of recently released another good free ebook for folks interested in learning all things techy. How to Speak “Internet” Your Guide to xHTML is a thirty-nine page introduction to creating and working with xHTML code.  The guide is designed for folks who have few or no coding skills to speak of. In other words, it’s designed for folks like me who know just enough about xHTML to really screw things up. This book walks you through the basics from creating links to coding images to positioning elements in your webpages. The guide concludes with directions for using your new xHTML coding skills in WordPress and Joomla. – Learn To Speak “Internet”: Your Guide to xHTML

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Applications for Education
Whether you’re looking to learn a little more about webpage design to spruce up your class website or you have students that want to learn a bit about coding on their own, this guide from Make Use Of could be helpful.


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