America The Story of Us – Lesson Resources & More

This morning I turned on the television and saw that the History Channel was running a marathon presentation of their documentary series America The Story of Us. The entire series is twelve hours long. In those twelve hours the series covers everything from the settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth to the election of President Obama. The whole series cannot be viewed online, but History does have a lot of video excerpts from the series available online. If do have access to the whole series (you can buy at 60% from Amazon) has good teacher guides available for free. For teachers there is a pdf guide to the whole series and pdf guides to each episode.

If you are interested in quizzing your students before or after watching an episode, the Ultimate History Quiz is based on the information in the series.

Here’s a video introduction to the series.

If you’re interested in buying the series on DVD, here’s my affiliate link to Amazon’s page.


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