5 Good Places for Free Video Clips for Your Digital Interactive Projects

In today’s digital age, incorporating multimedia elements into your teaching materials can significantly enhance the learning experience. If you are using TeacherMade to create interactive curriculum content, you already know how much your students engage with audio and video clips, but it’s hard to find the exact resources you need.Thumbnail for video titled 5 Good Places to Find Free Video Clips

To help you find the best content, here are five platforms where you can find free video clips:

Pixabay.com: A well-known platform for various media, including a rich collection of videos. Whether you are looking for animated cat videos or any other category, Pixabay has a vast array to choose from. You can refine your search with different settings and choose the size of the video file that suits your presentation needs.

Flickr.com: Primarily known for pictures, Flickr also hosts a plethora of videos. Utilize the advanced search function to filter only videos and select the appropriate license (like creative commons) to find the perfect clip, such as videos of dogs running.

Coverr.co: Another excellent platform to find high-quality video clips. Despite the presence of related ads, you can find free videos and preview them by hovering your cursor over the video thumbnail. Remember to sign in to your account to download the clips.

Archive.org: Although the organization of content can be a bit confusing, the Internet Archive offers a vast collection of video clips. You can conduct keyword searches and filter by media type to find what you are looking for. However, exercise caution and preview the clips yourself before recommending them to students as the content is not filtered.

LoC.gov: The Library of Congress is a treasure trove of historical and educational video clips. You can explore various collections and search by different parameters such as location or date of publication.

Enjoy searching these sites and finding cool video clips. Remember, it’s crucial to double-check the licensing of any video clip you find online and ensure you provide the correct attribution when using it in your projects. Stay tuned for more tips and resources to enhance your TeacherMade experience, and don’t forget to subscribe to Richard Byrne’s YouTube channel for more updates! His video on this post topic can located here. 


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