The Berlin Airlift, The Marshall Plan, and the Cold War Explained In 25 Miutes

We’re getting to the time of the school year in which most high school U.S. History courses and World History courses are studying the end of WWII and the beginning of the Cold War. (This is also when we start to panic about how much we still have to cover before final exams). If you’re at this point in your curriculum, Keith Hughes has a couple of new videos that might want to share with your students. The Berlin Airlift Explained and The Marshall Plan Explained provide five minute overviews of each topic. Both videos are embedded below.

To continue the progression into the Cold War, take a look at Crash Course: Cold War which covers all of the Cold War in thirteen minutes.

None of these videos will replace your actual lessons, but they are good review material to embed into your classroom blog or website.


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