#instagramELE – Using Instagram to Practice Spanish

Last week I shared with you the #mathphotoaday challenge. That challenge asks students to take pictures of objects that represent concepts in mathematics. This morning I received an email from Pilar Munday who helped to develop a similar challenge for students learning Spanish.

The #instagramELE challenge asks students to take pictures of things that represent various Spanish vocabulary words. The challenge started back in February and already has more than 6,000 photos tagged with #instagramELE. A list of the #instagramELE words is available here.

Applications for Education
If the idea of having students use Instagram and publicly sharing pictures is not practical for your classroom, you can still use the concept of #instagramELE. You could have students share their pictures privately through a shared Google Drive or Box.com folder. Having your students complete a challenge like #instagramELE is a good way to build a collection of images to use for other activities in your classroom.

#instagramELE was designed for practicing Spanish vocabulary, but it could easily be adapted for use in other languages.


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