Exploring Flipboard Magazines On the Web

Since June Flipboard has made it possible for people to collaboratively create digital magazines on their iPads, Android tablets, and in their web browsers. But to read those magazines you still had to use the Flipboard iPad or Android app. Last week that changed when Flipboard announced that you can now read Flipboard magazines in your web browser. I gave it a try this morning.

Flipboard magazines in a web browser look and act much like they do on an iPad or Android tablet. In fact, if you have a touch screen laptop you probably won’t notice a difference at all. In your web browser you can flip pages, expand articles, bookmark articles, and share articles to your favorite social networks. You can browse for new magazines by visiting the Flipboard community page. I recommend that teachers follow the Flipboard magazine created and curated by Vicki Davis.

Applications for Education
Collaboratively creating Flipboard magazines could be a great activity for students
studying current events. Your students could share the articles that
they’re reading and put them into one magazine for the whole class to

As a professional development activity collaboratively creating Flipboard magazines
could be a great way for teachers to share articles with each other. Use a few of those shared articles as the starting point for discussion during your next department meeting.


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