Wibki – Quickly Create Personalized Start Pages

Wibki is a free service for creating personalized start pages. It’s service that I think people that like iGoogle will like. (Remember, iGoogle is closing on November 1st). To create your start page with Wibki register with an email address or Facebook account. Wibki’s three step tutorial will quickly guide you through the process of add your email service and social media profiles to your Wibki start page. After adding your email and social media profiles to your Wibki page you can add sections of recommended content to your page. Wibki offers a browser bookmarklet that you can also use to add any website to your Wibki page.

Applications for Education
Wibki could be a good service to use as a start page for classroom resources. I can also see students over the age of 13 using Wibki as a visual bookmarking tool.


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