Biz Ed – Economics Lessons and Virtual Field Trips

BizEd is a great resource for economics lessons and virtual field trips. I started using BizEd a few years ago and it has been a valuable resource to me ever since. BizEd is a UK based website so some of the lessons and activities have to be manipulated a little bit for use in US classrooms, but the overall value of activities is fantastic. Some of the highlights for teachers are frequently updated lesson plans, a comprehensive glossary of terms, slide shows available for download, and fantastic virtual field trips. BizEd even has an RSS feed that provides subscribers to updates in the lesson plans, activities, and reference section of BizEd.

Applications for Education
BizEd’s virtual field trips and interactive activities make learning about economics a hands-on experience for students. The BizEd virtual field trips are very comprehensive, but they can be easily shortened or altered for your needs. The developing country field trip, based on Zambia, is one that I’ve used successfully for three years with my 9th grade students.


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