Free Technology For Teachers: Viewzi – Visual Search Engine

Viewzi is a fun and exciting new search engine. Viewzi is good search tool because it allows users to see their search results without having to click on any links. Viewzi search results are displayed in multiple forms in what are essentially small screen shot images. Clicking on the screen shot enlarges the image where users can read the search results and click on active links. I tried out Viewzi by entering the search term “Battle of Gettysburg” and received results displayed in twelve small screen shots categorizing results as “images”, “list view”, “video”, “weather”, “mp3”, “books,” etc.
Viewzi is still in beta, but they are adding more users every day. I received my beta invite the same day I requested it.

Here is a short video explaining the Viewzi concept.

Applications for Education
Viewzi could be a good way for students to access and compare search results for one topic. The search results are displayed in a manner that makes it easy and intuitive for students to explore text, video, image, and mp3 results in one place.


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