Zentation – Combine Video and Slideshows

Zentation is a new website with a new take on video and slide show presentation. Zentation allows users to upload slide shows and videos and sync them together. With Zentation you can share a video of yourself presenting and include an accompanying slide show. The slide shows and videos uploaded to Zentation can easily be shared via email or embedding.

Below is an example of how Zentation works.

Applications for Education
Zentation presentations would be a nice addition to an online classroom environment. A video explaining the key points of a slide show increase the value of the slide show.
Another way Zentation could be used in education is to have students create slide shows explaining the background knowledge for a video or movie. For example, my students watched The Ghosts of Rwanda a few months ago then I had groups of students investigate and explain various issues within the documentary. My students could have used Zentation to present a part of the documentary alongside of their Power Point presentations.


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