Free Technology For Teachers: Google Sites- Google’s New Wiki Platform

Google Sites launched today. Google Sites is Google’s new wiki platform. I’ve previously written about using wiki programs in the classroom (click here) so I’ll just summarize the uses for a classroom wiki.

A wiki is a great way to have students collaborate on the construction of a knowledge resource. For example, my students have just started to create wiki about Africa to which student will add one page of background information about an African country.

A wiki can be used to create a knowledge or tutorial resource for your students to access information directly related to your course. A math teacher that I work with has created a wiki containing practice problems and their solutions along with “how to” pages.

Google Sites is an application that I’m very excited about trying with my students. The current wiki tools on the market are powerful and useful, but competition usually brings about a better product across the market.

Below you will see a video introduction to Google Sites.


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