Open Source Video Player- Miro

Yesterday I downloaded and used Miro for the first time, I cannot believe I waited so long to try it. Miro is simply the best open source media player I’ve tried out, and I’ve tried many. Miro is video player that host thousands of video channels aggregated from major media outlets like the AP, CBS, PBS. Miro also aggregates content from user generated video websites like YouTube and Vimeo. The best feature of Miro is that every video you play can be downloaded directly to your computer for use at a later date. The advantage of a downloaded video is that you avoid skipping or stuttering videos resulting from slow Internet connections.

Applications for Educators
The uses for video in the classroom are almost limitless. Miro’s shining quality for teachers is the ability to download and save quality educational videos for free. The mainstream media channels on Miro provide thousands of videos relevant to all content areas.

Miro can be downloaded for use on Mac and Windows operating systems. The video below demonstrates the use of Miro on a Mac.

This video gives a demonstration of some of Miro’s features.


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