Online Student Collaboration Part II

A few days ago I wrote about using Wikis as a means to have students collaborate. Today, I want to share a program I’ve started to use with some of my students called Kaltura.
Kaltura is a program that allows you to upload video, pictures, and audio recordings to make video presentation. Many programs offer this feature, but what makes Kaltura unique is that it allows users to collaborate on a project simultaneously from any number of computers. Kaltura operates on the same principal as a wiki or google documents, one person starts the project and then invites others to collaborate on the project.

As we’re all aware, online video sites are very popular with our students. I’ve found that by giving my students the opportunity to develop and or use a skill they already have an interest in, they are much more vested in the project regardless of the content area.

Here are some other sites with capabilities similar to Kaltura:

Click here for a link to a fairly extensive review of video publishing websites.


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