Getting Started

Welcome to the launch of a free (yes, you read that correctly) resource intended to help teachers of all grade levels and content areas (including math) gain ideas, tips, and locate other free resources to improve their students’ academic success. Whether you are just starting to use web technologies as a part of your practice or you are veteran of web 2.0 my hope is that you will find something useful and relevant to your practice.

A comforting note for those uncomfortable with web technology; I was in your shoes.
If you’re just getting started with web technology as a part of your teaching, this message is for you. Just a few years ago I was sitting where you are. In fact, I only learned how to make a simple PowerPoint just three years ago.
So how did I find all of these resources and learn how to use them? I looked, listened, tried, failed, and sometimes succeeded. The biggest mistake I made was trying too many things at once. I was excited by everything the web had to offer (I still am) and tried too many things that I wasn’t comfortable with or weren’t as relevant to my students as I thought. The lesson here is get really comfortable with one or two simple applications and use those in your practice before trying more complex applications. By taking that approach you will find that most web applications are very similar. As you recognize similarities between applications the gradient of your learning curve will improve.

Invitation to web veterans.
Please comment, correct, collect, and share. The best part of the web is the sharing of information. My design for this site is to share information that will help other teachers. Please do not hesitate to correct the mistakes that I’ll eventually make. I’m not doing this for money and I’m not too proud to acknowledge when someone else can say something or do something better than I can.

Web 2.0 is here. Enjoy it!


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!