Mind Mapping- Graphic Organizers

Mind Maps or Graphic Organizers are great instructional tools in a wide variety of content areas. Graphic organizers can be used in Math to show the sequence of problem solving. Mind Maps are commonly used in the Humanities to help students develop their thoughts before writing an essay. I frequently use graphic organizers in my Social Studies classes to help students see the myriad of factors contributing to a particular conflict.

Today, I’d like to share with you three great and free online tools teachers can use with their students. I have tried out all three of these applications and all three seem to be equally good. Bubbl.us has the most free features and seems to be the most user friendly compared to MindMeister and Mindmomo.
MindMeister and Mindmomo both offer a number of free features and plenty of storage, but ease of use is my primary concern when evaluating websites to use with students.


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