Free Ed Tech: TeacherMade’s Digital Learning Platform

And here’s some great news for FreeTech4Teacher educators looking for free ed tech: TeacherMade is free again and we’re offering you a 60-Day Free Trial of TeacherMade Pro, too. 


What is TeacherMade? TeacherMade is a digital learning platform. It’s powerful ed tech for creating digital activities from PDFs– or from scratch. With intuitive, nuanced features, the platform offers over 23 question types and lets you seamlessly integrate multimedia elements, simulations, and hyperlinks into your materials. With automatic grading and real-time feedback, it’s a huge timesaver for teachers and a truly engaging learning environment for students. 


Generous Free Ed Tech

The free version is very generous! You can use it to make multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank activities for your students and assign it to them– with NO limits. We don’t limit your number of assignments, students, activity files, etc. 


We also launched a free Shared Content Library last week. It’s still early days but there are likely a lot of TeacherMade activities that will work in your lesson plans. So go ahead and give TeacherMade a try if you’re looking for a digital teaching and learning platform. And feel free to use it every day! 


For those of you who used TeacherMade during the pandemic, your activity files are still sitting right there waiting for you. And wow, how the app has grown! It’s a full-fledged platform now, thanks to 1000s of teachers like you giving us their feedback.


Free 60-Day Trial of TeacherMade Pro

If you don’t yet have a TeacherMade account, now is the time to sign up!! Use code WS8M-RTU6 to get a special 60-Day free trial of TeacherMade Pro. No credit card is required (so if you find yourself somewhere that’s asking for a card, know that you took a wrong turn and back out of there)!!


Follow these steps to activate your 60-Day Trial:

  1. Head to to create a free account.
  2. After doing so, click your Profile icon in the upper right and select “Edit Profile.”
  3. Under Subscription information, find the text that says, “Do you have an enrollment code from your school/district or a TeacherMade representative?” Click the link next to it. 
  4. When prompted for an enrollment code, enter WS8M-RTU6. Then click the Search button. 
  5. Click the checkbox to acknowledge that you wish to participate. Then click Confirm. 

Boom! You’re now set up with your TeacherMade PRO 60-Day Extended Trial! 


Here is a link to the “Getting Started” folder in our help center. Be sure to explore it as you start working in TeacherMade.


And remember, if you ever need a hand, you can contact us at!


Enjoy! Here’s to making your classes even more awesome!


P.S. If you already have an account but would like a 60-Day Trial of Pro, please email and they’ll get you going.


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