Will Magic School AI Outlast the AI Gold Rush?

Many generative AI wrappers have popped up in the last 12 months of the AI Gold Rush. Flush with investor capital, there’s a new one every day. But how many of them will last past the AI Gold Rush? To last, you have to find a solid customer base. I think we can say Khanmigo for sure. And likely whatever Google and Microsoft integrate into their education spaces.

The problem with most of the wrapper products in the education space is they output text combined with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay questions. That’s the extent of it– cool, but  who needs another multiple choice generator?? And most problematically, they leave delivery up to you. There are no instructional learning platforms on which to deliver your AI-generated content. That would be too expensive and too much of a commitment for most of these sites. But for we educators, it’s a huge problem!!

In that regard, Magic School doesn’t provide a digital learning platform either. But it at least has integrations with Google and some LMS so you can get your content out of there and to your students with less friction. It also has a whole lot of other things specifically designed to make teachers’ lives easier, so it may just outlast the hype and actually find a home at your school.

When AI Gold Rush Passes: Magic School AI Will Still Be Here

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Magic School AI is packed with over 40 nifty tools. Let’s peek at some that are total game-changers:

Rubric Generator

Wave goodbye to rubric woes! This tool is like your personal rubric wizard. Input your assignment, and voilà – a custom rubric pops out, ready to roll on your favorite platform like Word or Google Docs.

Science Assessment Generator

Science teachers, this one’s for you! Aligning with NGSS standards, it’s like having a mini Einstein to help craft those perfect assessments. Though Magic School AI sticks to the basic question types, like most generative AIs do, it’s still better than writing your own assessments from scratch, right?!

Academic Content Generator

Need content that ticks all the boxes for your curriculum? This tool is like having a mini-me to create engaging lessons in any subject you teach.

Student Support Tool

IEPs can be a handful, right? This tool helps you draft them up in no time, tailored just right for each student’s needs.

Many More Tools in Magic AI

There’s a whole world of additional AI tools in Magic School AI. From creating exotic science labs to crafting the perfect math spiral review, these tools are like having a whole team of collaborators at your fingertips.

Unlike most of the AI wrappers focused on educational content generation, Magic School has a huge diversity of offerings making it useful for most teachers, regardless of the courses you teach.

Email to Parents Made Easy

We all know communication is a key aspect of teaching– and also very time-consuming. Magic School AI gets it– and offers a unique solution:

The Email Responder Tool is your personal secretary, crafting responses to parents or colleagues. And it does it well, so you actually get back some time in your evenings.

And for some fun, the Colleague Song Generator lets you whip up a catchy tune to celebrate your awesome co-workers. Who says teachers can’t be songwriters?

Raina: Your Chatbot Pal

And then there’s Raina, which is Magic School’s chatbot. It’s been trained specifically on educational topics and data. It can have an intelligent conversation with you about lesson plans, teaching strategies, or just about anything school-related.When your spouse is weary of more school talk, turn to Raina as your personal sounding board.

Wrapping It Up

Magic School AI is more than just another entry in the AI Gold Rush; it has more gravitas because it has spent its investment dollars wisely. It has focused on truly assisting the education community, not just exploiting it for a quick profit. By using these AI-powered tools you can make many of your teaching tasks more efficient, create high-quality content, enhance communication, and provide meaningful support to your students. 

The free account has limits, but they’re easy to understand and it’s a great way to dip your toes into the AI waters, like I’ve been urging you to do!

Magic School Free Version

The Magic School Free version offers:

  • Access to 60+ tools, Raina, and the Chrome extension.
  • The Raina chatbot is limited to the “translate” feature.
  • Output history is limited to the last 5 generations.
  • No integration with Microsoft/Google/LMS
  • No “Export” feature, only “Copy” option.
  • Support through the Facebook group.

Check it out today at: https://www.magicschool.ai/


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