AI Tutoring is Expensive; Sizzle is Free 

AI Tutoring is Powerful but Really Expensive!!

AI tutoring is poised to be one of the most impactful and ethical uses of AI in education. Sizzle may be a cost-effective way for AI tutoring to reach every student. The well-heeled leader in the AI tutoring space is Khan Academy’s Khanmigo.  It’s a remarkable tool that offers an advanced and personalized learning experience. However, its excellence comes at a cost – $60 per student– although it is currently being offered at a discounted rate of $35. This price tag, while justifiable for the quality it offers, can be a high hurdle for many schools operating on tight budgets. For educators in such situations, there’s an exciting, cost-effective alternative: Sizzle.


Meet Sizzle – A Free AI Tutoring App

AI tutoring app Sizzle is free for student use

Sizzle is a free AI-powered learning app that generates step-by-step answers to math equations word problems, and science content. The company recently launched four new features, including a grading capability, a feature that regenerates steps, an option to see multiple answers to one problem and the ability to upload photos of assignments.


Sizzle works similarly to math solver platforms like Photomath and Symbolab, but it can also solve word problems in subjects like physics, chemistry and biology. Sizzle provides help with all learning levels, from middle school and high school to AP and college.


It’s typical for students to use AI-powered learning apps to instantly get answers without learning anything. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been a common source to help students cheat. However, Sizzle doesn’t simply provide solutions to the problems. The app acts as a tutor chatbot, guiding the student through each step. Students can also ask the AI questions so they can better understand concepts.


The Sizzle app leverages large language models from third parties like OpenAI and develops its own models in-house. The AI’s accuracy rate is 90%.


With the new “Grade Your Homework” feature, users can now upload a picture of a completed homework assignment, and the app will provide specific feedback about each solution. If a user makes an error, Sizzle tells them to try again and walks them through it.


Its new “Try a Different Approach” lets the user suggest a different way to solve the problem in a way that makes sense for them. Users can type a brief explanation of how they would like the AI to re-approach, and it will regenerate a step-by-step solution.


There’s also a “Give Me Choices” option, which gives users multiple answers to choose from. This feature is likely most useful in preparing students for upcoming tests.


Additionally, the “Answer with a Photo” ability allows students to upload images from their camera. This is an interesting feature for those activities where students feel the need to work a problem on paper. 


Built by a team with backgrounds from Meta, Google, X (formerly Twitter) and Twitch, Sizzle already has over 20,000 downloads since launching in August. The average rating on both the App Store and Google Play store is currently 4.6 stars. There is feedback that the accuracy rate is lower than 90% so teachers beware.


How Teachers Can Use Sizzle in Their Classroom

For teachers looking to integrate AI tutoring into their curriculum, Sizzle offers a practical and cost-effective solution. Nowadays, almost all students have smartphones. Have them download the app and leverage this tool in the classroom for free:


Problem-Solving Exercises: 

  1. Teachers can assign problems in math and science as part of their regular curriculum or for homework. 
  2. Students can then use Sizzle to work through these problems, benefiting from the app’s step-by-step guidance.
  3. Teachers can then use a platform like TeacherMade to test student understanding at the end of the class period.


Understanding Complex Concepts: 

  1. During lessons that introduce more difficult concepts, prompt students to use Sizzle to explain these complex ideas on a personalized basis.
  2. Perform a check for understanding using a quick quiz, exit ticket, etc. in TeacherMade.
  3. View reports and refine lesson plans accordingly.


The Benefits of Sizzle: AI Tutoring for Free

  • Cost-Effective: With no associated costs, Sizzle is an ideal tool for schools that cannot afford premium AI tutoring services.
  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: As a mobile app, Sizzle offers the flexibility for students to learn and solve problems anytime, making it suitable for both in-class activities and at-home learning.
  • Diverse Subject Coverage: Covering a range of topics in math and science, Sizzle is versatile and can be used across various grade levels and complexity.
  • Enhances Traditional Teaching: Sizzle complements traditional teaching methods, providing an interactive and engaging way for students to learn.


While Khanmigo is undoubtedly a powerful tool in AI tutoring, its cost may be prohibitive for many educators. In such cases, Sizzle emerges as a valuable alternative, especially for schools and educators looking to incorporate AI into their teaching without the outrageous price tag. With some creativity, and students with smartphones, Sizzle can be incorporated into the classroom, ensuring that AI tutoring is accessible to all students, regardless of their school’s budget.


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