Try the Pairs Math Game in Your Library or Classroom

The Pairs Math Game is a free game developed by Phil Shapiro. Phil is a teacher and librarian who developed the game to be played in many settings including libraries and classrooms. The Pairs Math Game is a game that you print for students to play. To help you do that, Phil provides PDF versions in a few sizes for you to download. 

The concept of the Pairs Math Game is to have students pick two numbers from columns in a grid to add up to 100. Phil also provides some suggestions on how to modify the game for younger students. Head to the website to see a video about Pairs Math Game and get the files to print to play the game in your school.

And if you like the Pairs Math Game and want a version that is more permanent than printing it on paper, support Phil’s work by ordering a large vinyl printing of the Pairs Math Game to hang in your school. Having a large version of it lends itself to making the game one in which students are out of their seats to find number pairs instead of playing the game at their desks. 

You may also like Phil’s Coin Questions prompts. Watch this video to see and hear him explain it. 


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