How the Human Heart Works – A Video, an Animation, and an App

Earlier this week I featured a TED-Ed video and a free iPad app about how human lungs work. As a follow-up to that post I have two videos and a free iPad app about how the human heart functions.

Ur Blood, Brother explains the basic functions of the human heart. The video can be found on YouTube or on the Rhyme ‘n Learn website. The video includes captions with the lyrics. If you want an easy-to-print version of the lyrics, visit Rhyme ‘n Learn.

The Human Heart is an animation produced by Explania. The animation allows visitors to learn about the parts and functions of the human heart by clicking on different parts of the heart to find short explanations of that part’s function. Your students can access the interactive animation on the Explania website or you can embed the animation into your blog or website.

The Human Heart Explania

Virtual Heart is a free iPad app that allows users to take a closer look at how the human heart functions. The free app lets users speed up and slow down the virtual heart rate. Users have four views of the heart in the app. The views are of the electrical system, the valves, blood flow, and the interior of the heart. Each view can be experienced with or without labels. The first time each view is tapped, a short introduction to that view is displayed.


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