5 Years and 52,000 Subscribers Later…

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This post is straight out of the navel gazing department.

Five years ago today Free Technology for Teachers got started with this post. When I started I didn’t really know what I was doing, I was just trying to write about neat things that I was finding and trying out. Five years and nearly 7,000 posts later I know a little more about blogging and I’m still having fun finding and trying neat things that can be used in classrooms.

When I started this blog on November 28, 2007 I had no idea or vision that someday more than 52,000 people would be subscribed to my blog. For the first few months it was only family (thanks Mom) and some colleagues that were reading my blog (thanks Walter). Slowly more people started reading in the early days and I’m still connected with and appreciate those early supporters like Harold Shaw, Skip Z, Jeff & Dan at Wicked Decent Learning, and Jim & Jim & Jim at MLTI (only one of the Jims is still with MLTI fulltime). Slowly the blog grew from that early group to what it is now. Every person that has subscribed to the blog, shared posts, connected with me on Twitter, and said hello at conferences has made writing this blog a truly awesome experience. Thank you!

And I just renewed the domain (and a bunch of associated domains) yesterday so I’m going to keep writing for another year. I hope that you’ll keep learning with me.

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Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!