Interactive Map – Where Americans Are Moving

Forbes has an interesting interactive map that breaks down the movements of Americans by county. Every county in the United States is represented on the Where Americans Are Moving map. Click on a county to see the immigration and emigration data for that county. When you click on a county lines will appear connecting the county you clicked on to all of the other counties people emigrated to or immigrated from. Additionally, the number of people immigrating and emigrating will be displayed when you click on a county. Per capita income for each county is also reported on the map.

Applications for Education
Playing with this map got me thinking about a project my Civics students did last year in which they had to analyze the attractions of living in our area and analyze the deterrents to living in our area. This map provides an opportunity for my next students to take the analysis a step farther by researching what makes the places people go to after leaving our county more appealing than staying in our county.

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