New Sharing and Editing Options in Google Docs

Google recently announced some changes to Google Docs that should be of interest to teachers and students. Earlier this week Google announced that they would be rolling-out the new version of the document editor to all users over the next couple of weeks. The new version includes real-time updates (no more refreshing to see what your collaborators have written), chatting with collaborators within your documents, margin settings, and floating images. Learn more about the new Google Docs document editor in the video below.

Yesterday, Google announced new sharing settings for Google Docs. Now rather than simple “shared” or “not shared” labels your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets can be labeled “private,” “anyone with link,” or “public on the web.” These options should make it easier for Google Docs users to keep track of who can or cannot see their documents. Learn more about the new sharing settings in the video below.

Applications for Education
One of the complaints that I’ve occasionally heard from teachers about Google Docs is the lack of margin adjustments. That problem has been fixed in the new document editor. The new sharing settings should make it easier for students to understand who can see their creations.

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