Free PDF to Word Converter

Here’s a little tool that I never thought I’d need until I actually needed it today. PDF to Word is simple tool that extracts the text of your PDF documents and converts it to your choice of a Word document or rich text file (RTF). To use it, simply upload your chosen PDF, choose Word or RTF conversion, and enter your email address (don’t forget to opt-out of marketing emails, unless you like spam). PDF to Word will email you when your file is ready for download.

Applications for Education
The reason I needed PDF to Word today was that I had some PDFs of quizzes and activities that I had created and saved as PDFs before I knew the joys of Google Docs. I don’t remember why I saved them as PDFs, but I’m sure it was a good reason at the time. PDF to Word made it possible for me to edit those quizzes and activities again.


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