Vocab Sushi – Fresh, Bitesize Vocabulary Practice

There are a lot of flashcard websites and vocabulary practice websites on the Internet so it takes a lot for me be impressed when I see yet another vocabulary practice website. Vocab Sushi has impressed me with its offerings.

Vocab Sushi is designed to help students prepare for standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, and more. When you register for an account, Vocab Sushi will ask you which test you are preparing for. Based upon the test for which you’re preparing, Vocab Sushi will give you a short (20 question) quiz to evaluate your current skills. Then based on your score, Vocab Sushi will generate a list of words for you to learn.

To help you learn the words in your study list(s) Vocab Sushi uses a combination of audio, visual, and text resources. To help you learn the pronunciations of words, Vocab Sushi offers mp3 recordings of your words being spoken. Vocab Sushi provides sentences and real-life news articles from sources like the Boston Globe and Newsweek that use the words in your list. As you might expect, Vocab Sushi provides games for practicing your vocabulary skills. Vocab Sushi also offers printable learning activities for offline use.

Learn more about Vocab Sushi in the video below.

Thanks to Allen Stern at Center Networks for sharing Vocab Sushi.

Applications for Education
While Vocab Sushi is targetted toward high school and college students, it could certainly be used by some middle school students too. I particularly like that Vocab Sushi serves-up real news articles containing the vocabulary words students are studying. It shows students that people really do use the words they’re learning.

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