The Science of Music

The Science of Music, created by the folks at Exploratorium, is a fun series of lessons and activities about music. The Science of Music offers six exhibits containing interactive elements for students to use in exploring rhythms and sounds. One of the exhibits that I particularly enjoyed experimenting with is Kitchen Sink-o-Pation. In Kitchen Sink-o-Pation students build syncopated rhythms using kitchen appliances, pots, pans, and glasses.

In addition to the interactive exhibits, Science of Music hosts four short movies featuring musicians talking about the science of music. Science of Music’s questions section is a list of six questions commonly asked about music. Each question is provided with a detailed answer and explanation. Try this one as an example, why does my singing sound so great in the shower?

Thanks to Janet Kenney for sharing this resource with me.

Applications for Education
The Science of Music could be a fun way to combine elements of science and math with a music lesson. Science of Music could be used by students who do not have any prior background in music while at the same time it could be enjoyed by students who have some background in music theory.

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