Palabea – Social Networking Meets Foreign Language Virtual Classroom

Palabea is a website for learning a foreign language through a variety of methods and media. Palabea is a free service that users can create a profile on in order to meet native speakers of the language they’re trying to learn. Users essentially become peer teachers of the language through audio or video conferencing. Palabea also hosts language classrooms where users can find instruction, take quizzes, or practice different elements of learning a language. Palabea users can also find videos and podcasts designed to help student learn a foreign language.

Applications for Education
Much of the content on Palabea is user generated and therefore may contain commonly used slang rather than formal language. A good use of Palabea could be to use it as method of exposing high school students (terms of use require 14 or older) to conversational language that they might experience when meeting a native speaker.


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