Free Tech 4 Teachers: Zoho Update

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m totally sold on Zoho as a great alternative to the Google offerings. (I’ve written about Zoho in a previous posting, click here to see my review). Today Zoho announced that they now offer a sorting feature for Zoho notebooks. Zoho notebooks let users clip things from the internet without having to open another browser window or tab. Zoho notebooks also allows users to create notebooks about any topic and share the notes with another user to read or collaborate on with the creator of the notebook. Click on the word notebook anywhere in this post to learn more about Zoho notebooks.

Applications for Educators
Zoho notebooks are a great way for teachers, especially teachers working in academic teams, to share lesson plan ideas. Zoho notebooks are also a good tool to have students use as they work on group projects and presentations. Today’s students will be using web sharing technology in the work place and there is no better time for them to learn than now.



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