Free Tech 4 Teachers: Shift in Media Consumption

As has been mentioned in previous posts, there is an ongoing shift in the way people, especially young people, consume media and information. Today, TNS Media Intelligence has provided data reflecting the shift in advertising spending. Spending on Internet advertising has increased while spending on Newspaper and Radio advertising has decreased. This is reflection of the shift in the way people consume information. Less and less frequently are people getting their news from the newspaper. This is due in large part to the Internet providing access to news as it is happening around the world. Cable and Satellite television are also responsible for the decline in Newspaper advertising. The decrease in Radio advertising is attributable to the increasing availability of music, news, and talk shows over the Internet without advertising interruptions. The increase in Satellite radio subscriptions is also detracting from the share of advertising dollars being spent on over-the-airwaves radio broadcasts.

Implications for Educators
As educators and education administrators we need to be aware of the changes in the ways that our students and their parents consume information. For example, I have far more communication with my students’ parents via email than I do phone or face to face communication. Parents and students have more access to teachers and teachers to them now than ever before in the history of education. Teachers and administrators must take advantage of technology to increase communication with students and parents. Mass email is a start, but creating blogs, online drop boxes, and websites are an even better method of providing information to students and parents.



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