Social Bookmarking

You may have noticed that I recently began adding two little icons to the end of each posting. Have you been wondering what those icons are for? They’re social bookmarking icons and soon there will be more of them. Social bookmarking has been around for a few years and is growing in use everyday. Social bookmarking is a service that allows users to bookmark websites and webpages and save those bookmarks online. The advantage of storing bookmarks online is that you can access your favorite pages from any internet connected computer. The social part of “social bookmarking” is that you can share your bookmarks with others. The advantage of social bookmarking is that if you have a network of colleagues you can share your bookmarks with those colleagues. A social bookmarking application can also be used to build a network of people with an interest in the same topics. Currently, I use and as social bookmarking services. There are many other services available which I’ll be adding to this blog very soon.
Take a look at the video below to see social bookmarking in practice.

Applications for Educators
A great use of social bookmarking for educators is the ability to build a network of colleagues who are looking for similar subject matter.
Social bookmarks can also be used for directing the internet searching of students. With many social bookmarking websites you can generate a list of websites for students to search from.



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