Free Tech 4 Teachers: Presidential Candidates- Video of Speeches has launched a video channel entirely dedicated to campaign speeches. Truveo is doing its best to capture and host as many campaign speeches as possible in their entirety. This is a huge undertaking and many steps better than Youtube and Youtube clone video sharing websites.
Truveo offers a number of channels in addition to the campaign speeches channel. Truveo’s video channels are easy to search and Truveo is far more oriented to political news than Youtube style video services. ClipSyndicate which I wrote about earlier this week also has a political news orientation but, as of this writing, does not have the Presidential Candidates’ Speeches in their entirety.

Application for Educators is a great tool for anyone who will be teaching civics or discussing the presidential campaign in 2008. Rather than having students search all over the internet for clips of information about candidates, you can direct them to reliable and balanced source of information. seems to have an equal number of Republican and Democratic videos. The other nice feature of is that the videos can be sorted chronologically based on when the candidate gave the speech.

Below you will see a video from



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