Free Technology For Teachers: Using Pownce to Create a discussion or collaborative story

Last month I wrote about Twitter and posted an idea about how to use Twitter in class. Pownce is a new service and an improvement over Twitter. Pownce allows users to post files, videos, web links, and messages. After posting your files or videos other users (those you invite) can then respond to what you have posted. Click on the image to the left to watch a video about Pownce and its utilities.

Applications for Educators
Pownce is a great utility for starting conversations about events in the news. Post a link to a news story and have students reply, the formatting of Pownce allows users to reply to replies or to the original post. Pownce is a useful application for continuing conversation after class has ended. In their replies students can add related videos, web links, and images.

could be used as a tool in a creative writing class. Post an image and let the collaborative story build through a series of replies.


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