Free Technology For Teachers: Save Webpages in their current state

Iterasi is a new free service designed to save entire web pages in their current state as opposed to saving just a link or a screen capture. Saving screen captures is nothing new, but saving the web page with its active links is a new idea. This is a great service to use if you come across a web page that is constantly changing, like a news site. Instead of printing the page you can save the page as is with the active content and come back to the page later. Think of the Iterasi sevice as putting a web page in a time capsule then going back later to open and use the contents. The demonstration video below explains the service very well.

Application for Educators
1. Iterasi is a great way to conserve paper and printing resources.
2. Iterasi is a great way to save web pages to then go back and grab portions of the site for use on another project.


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