EduEase: A Free AI Quiz from Any PDF

Hey Educators, Check Out This Free AI Tool!

We’ve all been there – drowning in paperwork, lesson plans, and the never-ending quest to make our classes more engaging. Then comes another buzzword – AI in education. But before you roll your eyes about another technology you don’t have time to explore, hear me out. Because is a real time-saver, and let’s face it, who among us isn’t looking for a shortcut now and then?

Generate a Quiz Off of Any PDF

EduEase is like that cool gadget you didn’t know you needed. You’ve got a PDF? Boom – it’s now a quiz. Sign up (for free, yay!), upload your PDF – and sit back. The AI does its thing and creates a multiple-choice quiz. No more late-night question framing!

Fast and Easy – Just How We Like It

This tool is speedy. In just a couple of minutes, you get an interactive quiz that you can give to your students online. This is great for those times when you need something quick for your class, like a low-stakes quiz to keep them on their toes.

A Pinch of Customization

Sure, the AI does most of the work, but you’re not totally hands-off. You can add your twist to the questions, tweak them a bit, or throw in a few of your own. And be sure to read over everything… because you never know when an hallucination might occur.

Share and Care

Once your quiz is ready, share the link with your students. Pop it into your LMS, send it via email, or however you like to communicate with your class. And there’s a preview option, so you can see what your students will experience beforehand.

The Real Talk – Pros and Cons

Okay, let’s break it down. EduEase isn’t perfect. The quizzes are multiple-choice only, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Also, the grades don’t come in a super convenient format, and let’s be real, students could find many ways to cheat.

But here’s the good stuff – it’s a massive time-saver, it’s super easy to use (no need to become an AI expert), and it’s free – at least for now. It’s perfect for those quick, low-stakes quizzes you want to throw into your course without spending hours on them.

See It In Action

So, while it’s true that EduEase won’t revolutionize your teaching, it will give you a bit more time to breathe. And in your busy world, that’s a win. Watch Richard Byrne of Practical Ed Tech on his YouTube channel showing you how easy it is to get started.

Thumbnail of Youtube video for Eduease


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