Whatever the Reason, Free TeacherMade Activities are Here for the Season!

Whatever the Reason, Free TeacherMade Activities are Here for the Season!

There is so much to celebrate at this time of year– and with free TeacherMade activities, it’s easy to get in the spirit! There are so many teachable events– how snowflakes are formed, solstices vs. equinoxes, where Christmas comes from, why there are several spellings of (Ch)Hanukkah, and what does the word “Kwanzaa” mean? Find free TeacherMade activities  below that answer many of these questions. They also help to keep your students occupied as the calendar creeps closer to Winter Break! 

Kids sleigh-riding in the snow

Winter-Themed Activities

ELA: Winter Word Search

 Description: Great for students of all ages! Students will search for winter vocabulary in a word search. Great for students to do independently or with their peers!  

ELA: Winter Mad Libs

Description: Students will fill in a word of their choice that matches the part of speech below to make a writing piece about winter! Students can share these with their family and friends.

ELA: Winter Riddles 

Description: Students will read the six riddles and then guess what the winter item is! They will love completing the activity with their classmates.

Math: December Decimals Review 

Description: Your students will solve word problems with a holiday theme and demonstrate their mastery of decimals with this colorful activity. Four out of five of the problems are auto-graded.

  • Grade: Upper Elementary
  • Item Types: Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Open Answer
  • Link: Decimals in December

ELA/Science: How Snow Is Made 

Description: Your students will be able to read about how snowflakes are formed through this short reading passage. After they will answer eight questions to check their understanding of the passage. 

ELA: Snow Day

Description: Students will be able to listen and read along to a short reading passage about a Snow Day. They will then answer four multiple choice questions to assess their reading/listening comprehension skills.


December 24 – 25 – Christmas

Math: Christmas Holiday Fun Word Problems

Description: Students will solve holiday word problems that include adding and multiplying fractions, multiplying decimals, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division 

SS/ELA/Science: Christmas in the South 

Description: In this activity students will learn about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically Australia. Your students will discover that Chrissie is true blue Aussie because it’s summer down under.

SEL/ELA: The Birthday Tree 

Description: Students read this charming story about a Christmas birthday. The passage highlights thoughtfulness and empathy. 

SS/ELA/Science: Before There Was Christmas 

Description: Before Christianity, the Romans celebrated the end of the harvest and winter sowing season. Today’s students will find lots of similarities between contemporary traditions and those from 2,200 years ago while learning about ancient agricultural techniques along the way. 

Math: Counting Candy Canes, Cookies, and Christmas Trees – too!

Description: In this activity, students practice counting how many candy canes, cookies, or Christmas trees there are for each question. At the end, they will count how many lights are on the Christmas tree, too. Students will really love the holiday graphics on this one! 


December 7 – 15 – Hanukkah

ELA/SS: The History of Hanukkah

Description:  Your students will learn the fascinating historical events leading to the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. The Story of Hanukkah includes Hellenistic conquerors, religious intolerance, struggle and triumph in 164 BCE. Add a bonus question by asking your students to find the definition of the word “Hanukkah.”

ELA/SS/Math: Make a Dreidel and Play

Description:  For Grades 4-6, this is a reading and SS activity (remove the last three math probability questions). For grades 7-8 students who’ve already learned probabilities, this is a Reading/SS/Math cross-curricular activity that can be used in any of these class periods.


December 26 – January 1 – Kwanzaa

ELA/SS: Celebrating Kwanzaa

Description:  In this activity students can read and listen to an informational passage about the celebration of Kwanzaa. Afterwards, students will be asked to answer five questions to assess their reading/listening comprehension skills. 

ELA/SS: Kwanzaa: True/False

Description:  Students will choose whether the statement about Kwanzaa is True or False. This is a great interactivity to check in for understanding after a lesson on the holiday. 


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!